Eastbournian Society committee

The Eastbournian Society committee meets twice a year in Eastbourne (March) and London (September). It is made up of Old Eastbournians, parents and College staff. The AGM is held after the committee meeting in Eastbourne.

The committee members for 2019/20 are:


President David Winn (School 1954–59)
Chairman Hugh Price (School 1961–66)
Vice Chairman and Treasurer Darren Meek (Blackwater 1982–87)
Development Director David Stewart
Headmaster Tom Lawson

Committee members

Charity (OE) Eric Koops (Gonville 1959–63)
Database and communications (College) David Blake
Events (College) John Thornley
Events (OE) Alex Brown (Blackwater 1980–85)
Events organiser (College/OE) Lulu Brown (Nugent 1980–82)
Futures (College) Miss Gordon
Parent representative Alexandra Byatt
Parent representative Sharon Leek
Parent representative Helen Ridge
Sports (OE) vacant


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