News headlines – August 2015

31 Aug 2015  – OE Stags are plate winners at Cronk Cunis National U21 Championship
26 Aug 2015  – The Importance of Being Earnest
14 Aug 2015  – Dr Tony Riddick (Reeves 1982–87) wins prestigious medical award
6 Aug 2015  – Fiona Bottomley (Nugent 1979–81) has fourth novel published
5 Aug 2015  – Vote for Lewis Webber (Reeves 2012–14) in the Santander 60-second pitch awards

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31 August 2015 - OE Stags are plate winners at Cronk Cunis National U21 Championship

Oscar Orellana-Hyder (Reeves 2002–07) reports on the OE Stags' victory at the Cronk Cunis Championship

On a rather soggy Bank Holiday Monday, the OE Stags converged on Richmond for the annual Cronk Cunis U21 invitational rugby tournament.

While some of the squad were admittedly lacking proper match day preparation after Notting Hill Carnival the day before, the Stags were keen to make amends for the disappointing showing last year.

A couple of no shows forced a bit of a squad rejigging, with Matt Brittain (Reeves 2008–13) and Jamie Adams (Reeves 2009–14) pulling the short straws and stepping in as props for the day.

Starting much as we finished last year, a well fought first match against RHS finished a 20-12 loss, remarkable only for an outrageous direct kick return try from 15 Anson Wong (Gonville 2009–14) (which unfortunately didn't make up for his atrocious hair-do on the day) and a period of pressure finished from close by Ryder King (Craig 2007–12).

The second match against Warlingham also started with the Stags falling behind, but improved defence shut down the powerful opposition pack's narrow attacking play. Three tries sealed the victory, including a well worked passage to put Harry Clarke (Reeves 2010–12) away in the corner, to cries of 'Run Gary, Run!!' from the touch line.

Next, the Stags fought back from a two-try deficit against Wimbledon to win 12-10, with an Angelo Errigo (Reeves 2009–14) interception and run from his own 22 particularly impressive.

Unfortunately, the semi final to be played against King's Taunton was not played due to their mounting injury list, meaning we'd landed in the Plate Final against our admittedly low expectations.

As the first final of the day to be played on the pristine 1st XV pitch, we decided that doing a 'proper' warm-up was a good idea. This seemed to work, as the Stags started the final with two impressive tries against our opponents Bristol. Both started by incisive runs from Hector Veasey (Reeves 2009–14), Anson Wong and Angelo Errigo scored from impressive backs moves in the first half, the former with an outrageous swallow dive to finish. A bit of floppy defending allowed their powerful 13 in to score after an injury break for Tom Houchin (Wargrave 2008–13).

In the second half, two tries from Tom Biltcliffe (Craig 2007–12) sealed the W for the Stags, one a kick through and collect and the other a deft offload from a barnstorming Jamie Adams.

A consistent defensive performance and some great counter attacking flair had led to the Stags' first ever win on this stage, leaving Plate Winners 2015!

  • Man of the Day - Tom Biltcliffe: Excellent game management constant attacking threat
  • Sacks of the Day - Ryder King: Big hits all day, especially on the opposition 10 in the final
  • Dunce of the Day - Andrew Chapman (Craig 2007–12): For a wardrobe malfunction against Warlingham

Many thanks to the ever enthusiastic coach/manager/waterboy/DOR Oscar Orellana Hyder and team photographer Kevin Higgins.

The Stags look forward to defending the title next year!

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26 August 2015 - The Importance of Being Earnest

The latest theatre trip for Eastbournian Society members proved to be extremely popular, with 33 people going along.

Instead of our usual group photo we had to take two to fit everybody in!

Oscar Wilde's satirical comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest, starring David Suchet as Lady Bracknell, ably supported by a very good cast, was an excellent production.

The matinee, at the Vaudeville Theatre in The Strand, was sold out, and we had been lucky to get group tickets at a reduced rate.

We had top-price seats in the stalls with a £20 discount on each ticket.

If you have any suggestions for future theatre trips please let John Thornley know on or 01323 452314.

Or feel free to come along to the next events planning meeting, which is being held in the Powell House Dining Room at 7.30pm on Thursday 17 September.

We welcome any ideas for future visits and events, not just the theatre!

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14 August 2015 - Dr Tony Riddick (Reeves 1982–87) wins prestigious medical award

Dr Tony Riddick (Reeves 1982–87) has won the prestigious 2015 Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope by the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS).

Dr Riddick is a urology consultant at Cambridge University Hospital (CUH) where he now leads the renal cancer surgical service.

He spent the first eight years of his consultant career in urology in Edinburgh where he set up a national renal cancer tumour research banking programme.

He was also the director of urology training for the east side of Scotland, mentoring colleagues in minimally invasive kidney surgery, and introduced green light laser prostatectomy in Scottish urology units.

The Golden Telescope award is given to urologists who have made a significant and lasting contribution to urology, the purpose being to recognise excellence in young urologists.

Tony said: 'This is a huge privilege to receive this honour from BAUS. I am extremely grateful to my colleagues for their support over the years, helping me achieve this award.'

He is pictured here on the right receiving the Golden Telescope from Richard Greenhalgh.

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6 August 2015 - Fiona Bottomley (Nugent 1979–81) has fourth novel published

Fiona Bottomley (née Caffyn)  (Nugent 1979–81) has had her fourth novel published under the pen name Fiona Cane.

'The Other Side of the Mountain' is set in Haiti in 2001 amidst the political turmoil in the wake of the previous year's earthquake.

Three women from different backgrounds unite to search for a missing child, a quest that takes them deep into the city’s underworld, where poverty is rife, black magic thrives and violence rules.

Fiona, who graduated from Exeter University with a degree in philosophy, worked in film and entertainment PR before moving into sports management and tennis coaching.

Her previous novels were psychological thrillers set in East Sussex and London.

She says: 'I’m currently having fun researching my next novel. The action takes place over three decades in Soho and Sussex, and features two strong female characters, and a lot of jazz'.

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5 August 2015 - Vote for Lewis Webber (Reeves 2012–14) in the Santander 60-second pitch awards

Lewis Webber (Reeves 2012–14) has reached the final of the Santander 60-second pitch awards with his design for an expanding restaurant table.

The awards are for innovative ideas and start-up businesses and offer a top prize of £1,500 and support and advice from Santander bank.

Lewis, who is currently a student at the Design School at Loughborough University, has created a two-seater table which can be easily expanded to become a four-seater, giving restaurants the flexibility to cope with different numbers of customers.

The top ten finalists need votes from the public to help win the prize money and have created videos of their 'pitches' to sell their ideas.

Lewis uses his video (pictured) to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to transform the table, a stylish and practical idea.

To see Lewis's pitch and vote for his design, please visit the Santander website, watch the video and vote!

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