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24 Oct 2019    The Arts Society Eastbourne take a stained-glass tour of the College
21 Oct 2019    Old Eastbournians victorious in the Fore Trayphy golf tournament
21 Oct 2019    David Wexler (Powell 2012-14) launches GripBeats® on Kickstarter
18 Oct 2019    The London business lunch
15 Oct 2019    Entertaining talk on the history of Harrods
11 Oct 2019    Loyal OE Peter Homburger visits the College
9 Oct 2019    Banking, broking and asset management networking
1 Oct 2019    More Eastbournian magazines added to digital archive
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24 October 2019 - The Arts Society Eastbourne take a stained-glass tour of the College

Members of the Arts Society Eastbourne visited on Thursday 24 October for an afternoon exploring stained glass old and new at the College.

First stop was the Jill Emslie Dance Studio in the Winn Building, where two stained-glass windows have been recently installed, thanks to the generosity of the Arnold Embellishers.

The Thomson Windows, named after Colin Macbeth Thomson (School 1959-63), who left a generous bequest to the Embellishers in his will, were commissioned through the Stevens Competition, run by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers.

Following an introduction from Vivienne Lester of the Glaziers Company, Vicky Henley, Chair of the Embellishers, spoke about the competition and explained how the new windows, which are entitled Dancing Into the Light, came to be chosen. The designer is a young French stained-glass artist called Jessica Lambinet.

The group then moved to the Long Room where College Archivist Paul Jordan gave an illustrated talk about the history of the College, concluding with the story of Mary Lowndes, who designed some of the windows in the Chapel.

Mary Lowndes (1856-1929) was one of the earliest female stained-glass artists in Britain, who studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and set up her own company in partnership with glazier Alfred Drury. She was also a non-militant suffragette and designed many banners used by the 'Votes for Women' movement in the early 20th century.

Following the talk the group visited the Chapel and had time to study the windows there, before returning to the Long Room for tea and biscuits. The group are pictured here in the dance studio (top) and in the Chapel.

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21 October 2019 - Old Eastbournians victorious in the Fore Trayphy golf tournament

A team of Old Eastbournians were joint winners of the Fore Trayphy golf tournament on Monday 21 October.

The annual tournament is organised by Peter Jamieson (Blackwater 1960-63) and was played at St George's Hill Golf Club in Weybridge, Surrey.

The team are known as the Sunshiners, which is somewhat ironic considering the damp conditions in which they were playing.

Pictured here are Tim Bailey (who replaced David Burt (Gonville 1966-70)), Colin Farrant (Gonville 1969-74), Richard Gourlay (School 1970-75), David Stewart (Eastbournian Society Director), David Dunn (Powell 1968-73), Will Thornton (Blackwater 1981-86), and Tony Dunn (Powell 1965-70).

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21 October 2019 - David Wexler (Powell 2012-14) launches GripBeats® on Kickstarter

David Wexler (Powell 2012-14) is set to launch his new start-up called GripBeats® on Kickstarter, the global online community which helps creative people find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality.

GripBeats® is a product that promotes music creativity, which David has spent the past three years developing.

It is a form of wearable music technology for making music through movement and touch.

David, who studied music at King's College London, is now studying business at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

You can see more about the product in David's pre-launch video at and also see it on where it will be launched on 1 November.

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18 October 2019 - The London business lunch

The annual business lunch was held at a new venue this year, the Rail House Café in Sir Simon Milton Square, close to Victoria Station.

The lunch is an opportunity for OEs and parents in business to meet for an informal meal.

Younger OEs are able to talk about career prospects and it's also a good way to build up business contacts.

As it was a slightly smaller gathering than in previous years, everybody had a chance to introduce themselves and talk about their experiences and current challenges in their respective fields.

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15 October 2019 - Entertaining talk on the history of Harrods

Merton Cox returned to the College on Tuesday 15 October to give his entertaining talk on the history of Harrods.

Merton, who worked in the antiques department of the Knightsbridge store for some years, first gave the talk in February, but it was so popular that we had to schedule a second date to accommodate all those who couldn't attend the first time round.

Around 30 members of the Eastbournian Society came along to the Long Room and enjoyed hearing about the humble beginnings of the store in 1849, and saw how it had developed over the years to become probably the most famous department store in the world.

Merton concluded with a few amusing anecdotes about staff and customers that he had known, bringing a personal touch to the Harrods story which was much appreciated by the audience.

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11 October 2019 - Loyal Old Eastbournian Peter Homburger visits the College

This week the College was delighted to welcome back Peter Homburger (School 1942-47) and his family from Denver, Colorado. For 75 years Peter has been one of the school's most loyal and generous supporters.

On Thursday he toured the new buildings which make up the Project 150 development and visited the economics classroom which bears his name.

Later that afternoon he took part in a 45-minute question and answer session with boys and girls from across the year groups.

Twentieth century history was suddenly brought alive as Peter answered questions about escaping from Germany on the Kindertransport programme with his two brothers, Walter and Wolfgang, who also attended the College. His parents were taken away to be interned in a concentration camp, before they managed to escape to America.

Peter's story of how he survived and then coped with being separated from his parents for eight years from the age of eleven onwards before subsequently going on to have a successful career and life in the USA, is compelling.

On Thursday evening Peter and his family hosted a meal at his hotel for Headmaster Tom Lawson and his wife Jess and other members of staff from the Eastbournian Society.

Peter is pictured here sitting by the Cloisters with his four sons, Dave, Phil, Steve and Drew.

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9 October 2019 - Banking, broking and asset management networking

There was a very big turn-out for the latest of our career and business networking events on Wednesday 9 October, with around 60 OEs, parents and current pupils attending.

Over 20 sixth form pupils travelled up from the College to the offices of PwC near London Bridge, where they were able to meet with professionals in the banking, broking and asset management sector.

These networking events are a great opportunity for pupils to get advice and hear about the experience of working in specific professions.

The guest speaker was Simon Cloke, who has spent nearly 30 years in the banking industry. Formerly Global Head of Industrials at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, he was appointed Managing Director of HSBC's Diversified Industries Group in 2005 and is currently responsible for managing HSBC's business with some of its largest house building and building materials clients as well as a number of HSBC’s largest UK corporate relationships.

Simon has also been involved in the governance of several other private and public companies during this time and in particular is a non-executive director of The Restaurant Group plc and a director of a small property development business.

Our thanks go to Darren Meek (Blackwater 1982-87), OE, parent, governor and treasurer of the Eastbournian Society, for arranging for the event to be held at the offices of PwC.

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1 October 2019 - More Eastbournian magazines added to digital archive

Following the successful launch of the digital archive of The Eastbournian magazine earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that further editions have been added and are now searchable.

The new issues cover the period from 1954 to 1960, and are in addition to those editions from 1960 to 1991, which had previously been available. We also have the complete first edition of the magazine from May 1870.

You are able to browse through issues on screen or search for specific text to retrieve an individual article.

The service is free for Eastbournian Society members to use; you just have to be registered on the Eastbournian Society website. If you have not already registered, please go to our Members page for information on how to do this.

Once your registration has been processed and you are logged on, you can get access to the digital archive with details of the username and password by going to the Digital Eastbournian page.

The College archives are keen to add more issues of The Eastbournian, and would like to hear from you if there are particular years or decades that you would like added. This will help us decide how to expand the digital archive in the future. Please contact with your suggestions.

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