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29 Apr 2022    Job vacancy: Events & Fundraising Administrator
20 Apr 2022    Derek Granger (Powell 1935-39) interviewed in the Daily Telegraph
20 Apr 2022    Billy Nicholles (Reeves 2015-20) writes about supporting LGBTQ+ young people in school
19 Apr 2022    OE golfers at the Halford Hewitt Tournament
5 Apr 2022    Eastbournian Society April newsletter
1 Apr 2022    Jan Koops (Gonville 1971-76) appears in Falklands War documentary
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29 April 2022 - Job vacancy: Events & Fundraising Administrator

As a community we’re growing and as a team we feel extremely fortunate to be part of such an engaged, talented, vibrant and fascinating cohort, living and working in such a stunning part of the country.

We are seeking an Events & Fundraising Administrator to join our thriving team to provide the support necessary to successfully deliver a diverse range of social, sporting, networking and fundraising events.

The Events & Fundraising Administrator will work closely with the Eastbournian Society team to develop relationships which span a lifetime.

The successful candidate will be a driven 'people person', who will show initiative and possess strong interpersonal skills, key to building and nurturing relationships across the Charity with all stakeholders and within the wider community.

To apply, please follow the link below to complete the mandatory application form:

Alternatively, visit and click the 'Apply Now'’ button.

An up-to-date CV and covering letter evidencing your suitability for the post against the job description and person specification described above may be uploaded with this online application form.

For further information, please contact Marian Piper, Recruitment & HR Projects Manager, by email: or tel: 01323 452239.

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20 April 2022 - Derek Granger (Powell 1935-39) interviewed in the Daily Telegraph

Our oldest Old Eastbournian, Derek Granger (Powell 1935-39), is interviewed by Jasper Rees in today's Daily Telegraph, a few days ahead of his 101st birthday on Saturday. 

In the interview, Derek talks about his time as a producer at Granada TV, ranging from the early days of Coronation Street to the BAFTA-winning drama Brideshead Revisited.

Speaking of Coronation Street, he says: 'I had more fun doing that than anything else I’ve done in television. It’s a god-like role, it’s marvellous. You’ve got the power of life and death, love and sex.'

He also talks about his relationship with Laurence Olivier, whom he worked alongside as literary consultant at the National Theatre. He says: 'He was a very complicated man. He had a very, very sweet side to him but he was very varied.'

At Granada, Derek worked with Olivier on six landmark plays, which proved to be a tricky collaboration. But then he was told by David Plowright, director of programmes (and also Olivier's brother-in-law): 'He is so jealous of you. He can’t bear the thought that anybody knows more than he does about the way of producing.'

At the heart of Derek's life was his relationship with the interior designer Kenneth Partridge. They met shortly after the war and were together until Partridge's death in 2015, having been one of the first male couples to enter into a civil partnership. Despite homosexuality being a criminal offence until 1967, Derek says that it had never been a hindrance to his career: 'I was not aware of there being any barrier, curiously. Mind you, my work was always in very privileged areas.'

Finally, asked for the secret to his long life, Derek says: 'I always want to know what happens next. I really am an old journalist at heart and I think God, when I die it’s going to be a terrible day when I’m not going to know. And that will be shocking for me.'

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20 April 2022 - Billy Nicholles (Reeves 2015-20) writes about supporting LGBTQ+ young people in school

Billy Nicholles (Reeves 2015-20) has written an article in Gay Times about the important role that schools have in supporting LGBTQ+ young people coming to terms with their sexuality.

Billy is a volunteer ambassador with Just Like Us, which works with schools across the UK to improve the lives of LGBT+ young people.

He says that the 'Don't Say Gay' Bill, recently passed by the Florida Senate, 'is filling me with dread', pointing out that 'the most controversial part of the bill surrounds the censorship of classroom discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity.'

Billy gives talks to schools about LGBTQ+ identity and his own story of growing up bisexual, but says that many of his talks would be illegal in Florida.

He continues: 'It terrifies me because I know how difficult and dangerous it is to be denied an adequate LGBTQ+ education and accepting school environment. It's critical that schools are LGBTQ+ positive spaces where children have learning resources and support services available to guide them through the challenges of living in a straight society. Those with accepting families will cherish this support, those without that safety net will rely on it as a critical space where they can express themselves safely.'

He concludes: 'My time volunteering with Just Like Us empowers children to talk openly and inclusively about LGBTQ+ families and identities, and learn in a safe environment. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of such spaces for young people. We all have a responsibility to foster and protect them, and prevent any child growing up in a place where they're taught 'Don’t Say Gay'.'

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19 April 2022 - OE golfers at the Halford Hewitt Tournament

Chris Walker reports on the OE Golf Society at the Halford Hewitt Tournament which took place from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 April:

The Halford Hewitt Tournament played at Royal Cinque Ports, Royal St.George’s and Prince’s Golf Clubs in April each year consists of teams of 10 playing foursomes matchplay off scratch.

As usual, Eastbourne was one of the 64 school teams competing, and we had one of our most successful runs.

We beat Bishop’s Stortford by four games to one, then Wellingborough by 3/2 and only went down 3/2 to a very strong team from Watson’s. But our two victories in this last match were by the impressive margins of 4 & 3 and 5 & 3.

The team was captained by Adrian Sharpin and we were very pleased to have two Hewitt debutants, namely Harry Rimmer and Jack Hughes.

The photo shows the majority of the Eastbourne team, from the left: Adam Walker (caddy), Peter Walker, Adrian Sharpin, Charlie Oakley, Harry Rimmer, Ben Dawson, Tim Mote, Jack Hughes, David Barwell.

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5 April 2022 - Eastbournian Society April newsletter

Development Director Emma Garrett writes:

I'm not sure about you, but Spring has certainly sprung in my little bit of Sussex and the fantastic news is that I have FINALLY (eight months after moving into my new home in the lee of the South Downs) sorted out my study!

My desk is clear and as I sit here writing this month's newsletter on another stunningly sunny day I have been reflecting on how very lucky our staff and pupils are to live, work and learn in such a special part of the world.

Even more so now that the clocks have gone forward and the evenings are longer. There is something magic about the summer term at the College and even at the end of last term the pupils were 'hanging out' on College Field of an evening, ah happy memories!

Our annual London dinner on 22 March was a heartwarming affair and there was much love in the room. The first Eastbournian Society annual dinner with me at the helm and the one where we paid tribute to David Stewart after his 37 years of service to the school; I have to admit I did feel just a tad of pressure to get it right! I needn't have worried - as a team, we pulled it off and what an amazing gathering of wonderful people - it was a joy from start to finish.

As I said in my short introduction, the fact that the room was so full and vibrant was due to Stewie's unquenchable thirst for building relationships as well as his enviable appetite for life! This was evident to me in spades when the two of us sat going through the guest list together ahead of the event.

Every time I asked him about a particular person he’d exclaim - oh she’s BRILLIANT, or, JOLLY GOOD CHAP or VERY BRIGHT GIRL, GET HER ON A COMMITTEE or TOP MAN, DOING VERY WELL IN THE CITY and so it went on…

The greatest tribute to Stewie and what he achieved in his time at Eastbourne is the fact that the room was full of those people which demonstrated how much they cared for the school, the Eastbournian Society and for David. You can find the photos on our website here, wonderful memories of a jolly good evening!

For me personally it was brilliant to have the opportunity to meet members of our community - the oldest of whom left in 1952 and the youngest in 2019.

I am delighted to be able to report that one of them, Will Green (Gonville 1987-92) responded to last month's shout out for someone to help our young rugby player Ollie Wigman raise funds in order to travel to Canada to take up an extraordinary offer to train with their U18 squad. Thanks to Will and donations from other ES members, Ollie is now going to be able to go to Canada in the summer and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity. It was a pleasure to watch Ollie and the 1st XV play at the Saracens StoneX Stadium in the RFU U18 Bowl Final - the first ever national rugby final the College has ever played in.

With our boys leading 6-5 at half time, it was anyone's game - the final score was a disappointing 29-16 to the opposition Nottingham High School, but an incredible experience for the team, and the school watched the live stream with bated breath back on the home turf.

Another email I sent last month asked for blankets, sleeping bags and nappies for OE Angus Wingfield (School 1984-88) to take out to the southeastern Poland/Ukraine border of KroĊ›cienko. Angus is back safe and sound and was extremely grateful for the generosity of so many of you:

'Thanks everyone for your kind donations and efforts for the Ukraine refugees. You gave 250 sleeping bags, blankets, jackets, hundreds of nappies and sanitary towels which I delivered to various NGOs on the Ukraine/Poland border at Medyka. The closest Ukraine city is Lviv, about 1.5 hours away. It was awful to see so many people coming across the border but amazing to hand over all your donations and to know that we have helped. The evacuation of refugees is extremely well organised, with everyone moving along a single avenue from the border post where there are beds to rest, medics, food, water, tents, and waiting buses to take everyone to church halls, school gyms etc where they received further support and begin to make plans for the next phase of their journey. Regards, Angus'

If you were unable to donate but would like to contribute to the Just Giving page the pupils set up in order to donate to the Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal you can do so here.

A great evening was had by all at the annual Eastbournian Society Quiz which took place at the school on 19 March - JT was quiz master extraordinaire, ably assisted by David Blake. We welcomed OEs, staff, parents and even some Eggheads and a Mastermind contestant (the secret weapon on the winning team's table…).

Such events have been missed by many over the past few years and really bring our community together - the delicious curry supper went down extremely well and we look forward to our next gathering which is the upcoming Over 60s lunch at the St George's Hill Club in Weybridge. Partners and spouses are welcome to come along and guests are invited to use the marvellous facilities at the club on the day - including the indoor swimming pool and the grass tennis courts. The meal costs £50 per person and includes a drink on arrival, three-course lunch with wine, followed by coffee. Please contact JT ( to reserve your place.

I am delighted to announce that we have invited John Hargreaves (College staff 1973-80) to join star attraction Jane Slade in conversation! Jane (right) was in the sixth form in Nugent from 1975-77. She has had a varied and exciting career as a media columnist on the Times, feature writer on the Daily Mail, property editor of the Sunday Express and more recently a retirement property writer for the Sunday Times, the Times and the Daily Mail.

She is married to Neil MacKichan (Powell 1971-76) and the two run their own business,, a retirement property website, which they founded 10 years ago.

Meanwhile John has been busy with grandchildren, chess coaching and clubs, bridge, gardening, sport on TV, tutoring students in Spain via Zoom as well as joining me for lunch at the Ram Inn in Firle last week, most enjoyable indeed.

In the midst of all this, we've been busy planning Circus, our creative arts festival that I mentioned in last month's newsletter - spot the programme in the photo on the left!

Please do book your tickets, whether for the ticketed Masterclass in classical singing, the conversation between actor Ed Speleers and Nigel Wheeler, the final Cabaret concert featuring our brilliant pupils or anything else in between.

There are seven performance/productions plus art and photography on display - so much to enjoy. If you'd like to order a festival programme please email Helen Medlycott (

For the thespians amongst you we have a big crowd for My Fair Lady on 19 May at the London Coliseum - there are still a few tickets available - again JT is your contact to book tickets for this - he will provide details about drinks afterwards nearer the time.

I have to send all those involved in the St Andrew's production of Mary Poppins an enormous virtual round of applause here - it really was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and practically perfect in every way! Bravo.

As ever, much to take in this month. I wish you all a very Happy Easter and do hope to see you at Circus at the end of April - why not come and celebrate the 101st birthday of our oldest OE, Derek Granger (Powell 1935-39), in conversation with David Grindley (Wargrave 1986-88) in the Birley Centre on 24 April at 2.00pm, we'd love to see you there - birthday fizz and cake included in the ticket price!

Or hear author Sasha Bates (Nugent 1984-86) or Incurable Optimist Paul Mayhew-Archer (Reeves 1967-71), there is much to enjoy with all profits going into the Eastbourne College Bursaries Fund and for these particular performances, The Good Grief Trust and Parkinson's UK respectively.

Warmest regards from us all in ES HQ,


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1 April 2022 - Jan Koops (Gonville 1971-76) appears in Falklands War documentary

Jan Koops (Gonville 1971-76) has taken part in a TV documentary about the Falklands War, 40 years after the conflict.

The programme, Falklands War: The Untold Story, was broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday 27 March. In it, senior commanders and ground troops reveal how a series of mistakes nearly cost Britain its hard-won victory over Argentina in the South Atlantic.

Jan was a captain in Prince of Wales Company, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, and was on the supply ship Sir Galahad which was moving troops from San Carlos to Bluff Cove on the south of the islands. The original plan was that the troops would be offloaded under cover of darkness, but delays meant that they were still on the vessel at daybreak.

Some 250 Welsh Guards remained on board while ammunition and other supplies were unloaded first, meaning that they were, in the words of one senior commander, 'sitting ducks, totally open to Argentinian air attack'.

The ship was attacked, and Jan described the pandemonium which ensued as they tried to evacuate the vessel. 

He said: 'There have been some incredibly heroic acts carried out by a number of guardsmen, in the way in which they went back into this blazing inferno to try and help pull people out. The way in which they came together to get themselves off that boat was outstanding. I think it needs to be recognised.'

Jan concluded by talking about his time as captain of the Welsh Guards rugby team, saying that two prominent members of the team, Cliff Elley and Andy Walker, were lost that day on the Sir Galahad. He said 'There has not been a day since 8 June 1982 when I have not remembered them in some way'.

You can view the programme on the Channel 4 streaming service All 4 and also see an edited version featuring Jan on YouTube.

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